GamesUP Studio

About Us

GamesUP Studio S.A. (formerly Supernova Studio) is a Polish developer of simulation games located in Wrocław, created as part of the diversification of T-Bull’s activities. Thanks to the acquisition of many years of experience in the industry, the ambitious approach of the entire team, and programming, design, and management facilities, we are an organization that can transform any idea into practical implementation.

With the name change from Supernova Studio to GamesUP Studio, we’re opening a new chapter in our story card. We implement projects that players expect from the market. Our motto says this: we create games that we would like to play ourselves.

At the moment, we are focusing on expanding the computer games market, but this does not mean that with the development of the company’s structures, we will not expand our portfolio with new platforms. At the same time, we are currently working on projects that will be released on Steam: Housebreaker, Coffee Bar Renovator, Hospital Renovator, Post Industrial Renovator, and Fitness Center Renovator.